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What to do on Bonaire?


A small selection of the various activities.....
Bonaire is the island of the sun, water and the sea. Enough to do.What about surfing on the almost always windy Sorobon?
The water is always warm and there is almost always a wind. The water is also only 3 feet (1 meter) deep, so if you fall you will be back on the board in no time.

You can also go kite surfing along the west coast where the wind is even stronger. Or a visit to the salt pier, where salt is still extracted and shipped.

In addition, you cannot miss the slave huts. In memory of what happened at that time, the cottages are still there and you can get an impression of the housing that used to be provided to the slaves!



Salt pier

But Bonaire is pre-eminently a beautiful diving island. There are many spots where you can see the wonders of the underwater world. But also snorkeling is just as impressive. Just put on the diving goggles and you will immediately see the wonders of the underwater world. Watch beautiful turtles at the impressive dive spot “1000 steps”! Or visit the donkey shelter which is located in the middle of the island. You can move around by car, but you can also rent a moped. We advise you to book these in advance and don’t forget Even on Bonaire it is now mandatory to wear a helmet on the moped!
A visit to the National Park of Bonaire Washington Slagbaai is also definitely worth it. You pay an entrance there (contribution to Stinapa) and you have to enter the park with a four-wheel drive car. Otherwise you will not be admitted. The park is often inaccessible after heavy rainfall because the roads do not allow it there. Keep that in mind!

Also, the donkeys and goats run loose on the island. You can also visit “little Bonaire”. A small uninhabited island opposite Kralendijk. There are regular boats that you can use for a fee. Nothing is available on “little Bonaire”, so a picnic basket is definitely needed. But you can snorkel fantastically or just enjoy nature but keep in mind, a good sunscreen is a must!
Salt pier


The currency on Bonaire is the US dollar.

There are plenty of ATMs where you can simply withdraw US dollars. A commission is charged for the withdrawals.Furthermore, the official language on Bonaire is Papiamento and Dutch. But English is also understood and spoken.